Creating Harmony Between Clashing Styles

by Crown Asia

There’s always a dilemma of subjective opinions, may that be in music, fashion, or even politics. So in the event that you now have someone else in your house, other than yourself, there’s definitely a possibility that your aesthetics for the home you’ll be living in will be at variance.

So what do you do in your Crown Asia house and lot when the war is waged? Read on for a few tips that can help you create harmony in the battlefield:

1) Pick out what works for everyone.

There are obviously things that you would want your roommate to ditch in the nearby dump, and there are things that he or she would want you to get rid of, too. While that’s the elephant in the room, you’re going to want to save that for Step 2.

Before you even throw away anything, try and find the things that work out for everyone. Maybe your reader spouse has tons of books, but you like it since it makes the living space look so much more interesting. Or perhaps you’ve got old Star Wars memorabilia, and with the new movies coming out, your roommate has found a liking for them, too. Most importantly, neither of you are ever getting rid of that comfy couch, right? Finding out what you agree on will make the sacrifices a lot easier to make, and will make the negotiations a lot more amiable.

2) Make some sacrifices.

Don’t worry, this is the only time it really gets hard. Before you pull out the guns on each other, make your move first and be the first to sacrifice. Like in downsizing, make a list of things you haven’t used for the past year and things you don’t intend to use anymore. Once you get rid of the stuff you yourself no longer find useful, giving up the bigger things may be a bit easier. Plus, it’s all about influence. If you make the first move, it isn’t unlikely that the other members of your home will do the same.

3) Compromise.

Okay, but you really want to keep that mural of the deer in arctic in your living room, because you have the wilder, artsier style. But everyone else in the house would really just prefer a white wall, because they’re all for the modern simplistic style. Start to bring out your inner attorney and negotiate. You get to keep the mural, and they get to keep the rest of the walls white.

4) Coalesce.

Now that you have an agreement, each member would probably have an equal share of things they want to keep in the home. However, in the event of your styles still completely clashing, and thus destroying the overall aesthetic of the space, what do you do? Simple: coalesce. Shows like We’re Moving In and sources like Pinterest will show you how you can keep one person’s rustic taste as well as your modern and geometric one, yet still make it work. It’s all about merging those styles in a coherent manner. Maybe you can keep the rustic colors, but choose furniture that suits the modern age.

Or spin it around and choose modern shades, and keep rustic accents in chandeliers or wooden tables.

There is no limit to what you can end up with. Style may be cause for conflict, but there’s no need to fight if you can find creative ways to work them out.

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