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Holiday Gift Ideas You Can’t Buy

October 6, 2019 by Anna Lucas

Every holiday, we are faced with the difficulty of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones.  A store-bought present, no matter how expensive, sometimes feels too impersonal.  On the other hand, gifts of loving actions –  such as cooking a great meal, cleaning the house, giving a personal message, etc. – are very personal and much appreciated, yet we sometimes want a gift that your loved ones can cherish every day.

We can actually give a more meaningful gift if we make it customized or handmade.  Here are some suggestions for a meaningful present that can be used in your Crown Asia home in Valenza, Laguna.

Wall Art
Crown Asia - Holiday Gift Ideas You Can't Buy

Creating a Wall Art is easier than it seems. If you are on the creative side, you can frame your paintings, or do a mixed media project.  If you are one of those that collect wine corks, you can put it to good use by framing it and creating a customized cork board to pin your notes.  If you feel you are not creative enough, you can have your family photo turned into a puzzle for a different take on your portraits.  If you want something more simple, you can get some photos or illustrations of your family goals and have it printed in tarp or canvass, and framed.

You can find a whole lot of inspiration about wall art.  Feel free to be as creative as you want.

Coffee Table Book
Crown Asia - Holiday Gift Ideas You Can't Buy

Take your family albums to a different level by making it into a Coffee Table Book.  A great coffee table book successfully combines great photography and layout with interesting and succinct text, that works together for a singular theme.  There are now several printers of photobooks and picture books that can turn your album into more than just a display of photos.  You can make a coffee table book about your most memorable family vacation, your family tree, or other moments in your life.

If you do not have the time to do the actual layout and writing, you can hire someone to do it for you.  This does not decrease the value of this gift.

Personalized Photo Frame
Crown Asia - Holiday Gift Ideas You Can't Buy

You can buy plain photo frames in stores and make it meaningful by adding your personal touch.  You can add beads, or glitter or Moshi tapes to make it unique.  This is actually a present that even small kids can make.  Do not forget to put a memorable photo to make it more meaningful.

Customized Quilt
Crown Asia - Holiday Gift Ideas You Can't Buy
Remember all those clothes that you do not use anymore but you are having a hard time letting go?  Well, you can actually make it useful again by cutting them up and turning them into a quilt.  You may use old baby clothes, or memorable clothes that are out of style.   You can ask a professional seamstress to do this for you.

Whatever gift you decide to give your loved ones, keep in mind that what actually makes it more valuable is the careful thought you placed in it.  Have a Priceless Holiday!

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