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Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family

October 7, 2019 by Anna Lucas

Do you remember your family Christmas Traditions while growing up?  When I was young, I remember my dad hoisting my brother and me in the car and driving us around the neighborhood to see the Christmas Lights.  We will also make it a point to visit The Christmas on Display in Cubao, and we squeal in delight at the magical animatronic display.  Come, Christmas Eve, we will all enjoy the Noche Buena after attending mass.  Our Christmas feast will always be the same – spaghetti, fruit salad, ham and queso de bola.  And of course, on the day itself, we will open our gifts around the Christmas tree.

Thinking about these traditions always brings me a warm feeling.  Now that you have your own family to celebrate Christmas in your Crown Asia Home in Ponticelli, Bacoor, it is time to start your own Christmas Traditions.  Here are some fun ideas that you may want to try out.

1. Make Home-made Christmas décors.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your FamilyPersonalize your tree with the memorable family moments during the year.  It could be anything – The first baby steps, the dance at school, the family vacation in Boracay.   You can use photos, homemade cards or personalized Christmas balls, or even mementos.   When you gather around the tree to open the gifts, you will also be reminded of the wonderful gifts you received all through the year.

2. Christmas movie nights.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your FamilyAs soon as it becomes September, you can start a tradition for family Christmas movie nights.  Bring out the popcorn and hot choco and cuddle up with each other as you enjoy feel-good Christmas movies like Home Alone, and Love Actually.

3. Take a family photo every year.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family
Round up the family under the Christmas Tree for a family photo.  Make it more interesting by doing the same pose every year so that you can see how your family grew over the years.

4. Attend the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Evia.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family
You can find an annual event that you and your family will look forward to.  One event you can attend is the lighting ceremony in Evia

5. Wear matching Christmas outfits.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family
This is probably a tradition that young children will enjoy, teenagers will hate, and adults will love.  You can make it simple like wearing plain red and green shirts or make it outrageous like wearing Christmas Sweaters or Christmas Pajamas.

6. Donate to your charity.
Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family

Since Christmas is the time of giving, choose your advocacy and share your blessings.  You could donate time or money to the cause that you believe in – may it be education, animal rights, health and well-being, environment, etc.

Do one or do all…. The Christmas season is all about love and family. And it is these small moments that make it more meaningful.

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