The Advantages of Having a Good Relationship with Your Neighbors

by Anna Lucas


With the onset of technology, it is now seldom that people interact with their neighbors. Gone are the days when
neighbors knock on each other’s doors to borrow a cup of sugar. Most of the time, families prefer to sink into the warm sheets of their beds, rather than greet the couple who just moved in next door.

If you live in a community like Valenza, then you are lucky that you have a caring Homeowners Association. It is one of those villages where the HOA welcomes their new neighbors in a grand event celebration, and continues to interact with them through weekly zumba and other activities.

If you are one of those who do not even know their neighbors, then here are benefits of having a good relationship with them.


It is always nice to have extra eyes looking after your house, especially when you are out-of- town. This is what good
neighbors do for each other. You can also do joint efforts to ensure safety between your walls, like more lights or even joint CCTV efforts.


Village Maintenance
It can be observed that a village that is well maintained in terms of beauty and security has a good community
relationship. If neighbors like and respect each other, they strive hard to keep the well being of their surroundings.
Neighbors who dislike each other will not care if their environment deteriorates.


Emergency Help
During emergencies, it is somewhat comforting to know that you can run to your neighbors for help. An example is
what happened to a friend when she was home alone when her water bag broke. It was her neighbor who brought her to the nearest hospital.


Peaceful Living
Having a bad neighborly relationship will break the zen in your house. If you have mutual respect for each other, your neighbors will be more mindful of loud noises, will unlikely invade your space, and will generally be less stressful.


Kids Playmates
It is a dream of every parent to have the child’s best friend live only a few doors away. This means that your kid won’t
have to travel far to have a playdate. When he gets older, you will have peace of mind knowing that he always has someone close by to run to, or he has a companion when going home late at nights.


So when checking out a house and lot for sale in a subdivision, it is also best to look at the neighbors. Fortunately,
residents of Crown Asia Properties like Valenza develop mutual respect for each other, as is reflected in the serene community they live in.

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